My 6 Best Value Morgan Dollars in AU

30 Apr


Designed by the Englishman George T. Morgan circa 1876, a great collectible United States silver coin was produced.  The entire Morgan Dollar series, from 1878 until 1921, is filled with very cool die varieties and many special better date coins

I chose the grade of almost uncirculated here because these pieces tend to have a lot of remaining mint luster while still having seen circulation by means of some of the great hands of our ancestors.  These combined attractions create an eye appealing and historically significant cool factor!


                The capped CC or the clear CC variety in AU is a good value in my opinion (appx. $1600). For a low end uncirculated example you would likely pay double and the lower XF grade would demand about a thousand bucks so why not pay a few hundred dollars more for the lustrous AU.  I really love this date in all grades but for our purpose we’ll stick with AU.


                This date can be found for about $250-$300 in AU.  Very easy to come across in XF and lower grades but AU examples get difficult, Uncirculated coins in this date get challenging if not plain scarce!


                Not much more expensive than an XF quality example (around$600) and not as expensive as an MS60 might cost.  If you can encounter an MS60, the coin would probably cost double that of an AU.


                This coin is the second lowest mintage year that was produced for the purpose of circulation.  Demanded in all grades, and an AU would probably only run $1800.  Worth mentioning, the 1893-s was the lowest production in the Morgan Dollar Series with an original mintage of 100,000.


                This coin is very hard to find in grades VF on up and it really holds great value in AU.  A nice, original, uncleaned specimen should cost less than $500.


                In my novice+ opinion, this coin in AU is just undervalued.  A nice example of this should only cost about $250.

There are definitely some other dates in the Morgan series that demand respect.  There are six figure valued Morgans and thirty dollar Morgans, but that’s not the point.  These are six of my best value Morgan Dollars in AU condition, but who am I?  Not an expert, only an enthusiast!!

Please leave me your thoughts.


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