Evolution of Numismatics through Social Media

22 Apr

For many coin dealers, the internet is an efficient way for their businesses to scale their reach in advertising for usually low costs. There are many ways that this are currently practiced: mass emails to customers, sales tweets to Twitter followers, latest offer posts to friends of the business on Facebook and the list of “delete at first site” marketing messages goes on!  I know this because I receive the e-newsletters, subscribe to the blogs and get solicited to all day, every day from these guys (some take a break on the weekends).

Fortunately, the social media channels online today are much more than just a tool for smart business people to try and take advantage of.  Just as easy as it is for the content creators of “discount offers” and “brand new listings,” it is equally simple to click “delete” or “unsubscribe” when the flash messages and e-sales pitches become annoying.

Dealers, auction firms, grading services and the other goods/services providers are in business to make money, we all get that.  However, I believe that this is the decade that urges numismatic related organizations to become social businesses and mix their sales pitches with some informative, helpful publications.  Teach your audience something that they might not otherwise know, it will automatically help your trust and reliability factor.

There are already numis news sources, auction houses, dealers and grading services that have begun to catch on to this decade’s social trend.  They are implementing share buttons to relevant content and actually taking the time to share information with people and businesses that follow them and somewhat depend on them

People and businesses who only take information in without sharing may find themselves at a quick disadvantage to their competitors who are willing and able to converse with customers.  It may no longer be enough to have the best website design and the best quality inventory if you are not helping the collector move forward on their learning curve of numismatic education.

I believe that we should be doing a better job of being attentive to the changing needs of the social industry, me included.  I am the Numismatic Enthusiast, please write me with any comments that you have.  I would love to read what you have to say 🙂


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