Seated Liberty Quarters Recent Sale

21 Apr

In the recent Central States numismatic convention held in Schaumberg, Illinois, there were some key date seated liberty quarters that brought strong prices. 

Most notable was an 1852 P quarter graded PCGS 64 that brought more than $4500. This coin, same date and grade, had been selling for less than $4000 when available within the last couple of years.

An 1867 P seated liberty quarter graded PCGS xf40, a very tough date, brought better than $1800.

Surprisingly to me, a nice original representative of an 1867 S 25c graded PCGS f15, brought a little under $1300.  A similar coin in 2009 sold for $1610 in auction, same grade and same service.

Another healthy seated liberty quarter increase was seen, however, with an 1869 P graded PCGS vf25 that sold for $1265.  This coin is irregularly encountered, comes from an original circulation issue mintage of 16,000 and should always be considered as a purchase when encountered.

These better than average price results for the seated quarter series seem to be good for the niche market within the industry.  Let me know what you think!


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