He who Hesitates Loses

15 Apr


When I was much younger, my dad told me that a person who hesitates is lost; in certain life-personal respects I disagree with this; a person who hesitates is simply weighing his options, the upside and the downside.  In regard to making a purchasing decision within the business that you should be very familiar with, I agree with this statement now more than before!

A little over a month ago there was a very early year in the series, rare date Seated Liberty Quarter up for sale in a private sale.  The coin was raw but would have likely graded VF30 at PCGS or NGC without a problem.  The only easily attainable auction results yielded a similar quality coin valued near $3750 two years prior with the finest known being XF45.

In this case, my dad’s words of wisdom proved to be right.  Unfortunately, I bid super conservatively on the coin thinking that is was raw and that not too many people at this little auction were going to pay more than $3000 for a raw seated silver quarter; boy was I wrong, the piece brought $3450.  I missed out on an opportunity to buy a very cool and super eye appealing, rare date coin that could have been a very nice addition to the business inventory because I hesitated to bid aggressively enough.

Don’t let a good coin slip away; don’t be afraid to pay a little too much for a rare coin with great eye appeal!  Write to me, I know this has happened to you, maybe more than once L


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