Never Care for a Coin in these Manners…

14 Apr

Never clean your coins.  Cleaning coins can diminish or take away all original age and patina decreasing the appeal and likely value of your coin.

Never store your coins in a damp or wet place.  Moisture can leave coins with environmental damage.

Never pick up a coin holding it with your fingers in direct contact with the obverse and reverse of the coin; always hold the coin by the third side, the edge or rim.

Never store your coins in a plastic that is susceptible to sweating.  Polyvinyl Chloride PVC plastic flips are not recommended for long-term storage. 

Never keep your higher grade coins under direct sunlight.  The coins, especially silver, can tarnish in unwanted ways.

Above are some of my recommendations to you for best practice measures for taking care of your coins to ensure a longer lasting preservation of your rare coins. More in regard to cleaning, some people clean their coins lightly to remove dirt or grease, among other things, because they think that they are making their coins look nicer; most of those people also don’t know what they’re doing and they know even less about coin preservation so I recommend to you to just refrain from cleaning your gems.

Keep your historical treasures looking their best and feel free to leave a comment or question for me about your coin care.


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