Canada and United States Cents, Exhausting

9 Apr

I am tired of hearing about the future of the Canada and United States cents.  This has been nonstop talk for the past month and I’m sorry, it is just not important enough to get the attention that it is getting in the numismatic news, yet… here I am writing about it.Image

We know that the coins cost more to produce than the coins are worth face value.  We know that people fear the removal of the denomination may imply monetary instability.  We know that, to some, this news is followed by the end of the world.

Other currencies around the world have “one” as a denomination within their realm of production.  Is this news?  Does anybody truly care?  For our next extremely exciting blog post I will be talking about currently circulating Canadian and American quarters and their discontinuation’s potential effect on life as we know it!


My recommendation to authors in regard to the future of the cent is to let this surface again as news once some final decisions are made in either country or in both; until then, please give the topic a rest and I will follow suit.

I do apologize for my extreme hyperbole within this post; this will be the last time I write about the topic until some final decisions have actually been made about the future of the one cent piece in both Canadian and US dollars.

Please comment or question if you wish, but this time I would actually rather not hear what you had to say.  Thank you so much for reading 🙂


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