Best Deals from where you LEAST Expect Them

8 Apr

I have found some of the coolest coins and collectibles from dealers who did not specialize in the items that I bought from them.  Most established dealers of collectibles can only specialize in so many things before they either lose track of what they have or they just don’t care about all of the secondary items that fall outside of their primary focus or concern. 

I recommend that you buy your rare date twenty dollar gold coin from a twenty dollar gold coin dealer who knows what they are doing; however, if you are sure of how to authenticate and tell level of preservation of such a coin then you will probably get a better deal from a rare book dealer who happens to have a couple of rare date twenty dollar gold pieces.  If you are comfortable enough to tell that your collectible license plate has original paint or is repainted then I recommend that you buy your rare Nevada license plate from the dealer in antique farm equipment; he/she will probably be happy to get rid of it!

Examples of some potential cross-over markets and hobbies: Old dairy glass milk bottles from an antique furniture dealer; coins from a token dealer; real photo postcards from a coin dealer; diamonds from a pawn shop, the list goes on…

My suggestions here are definitely not making me any money, but you will probably come across better deals in the long run than buying from specialists.  These deals are harder to find and usually require some diverse networking but can very rewarding.  You have to be extra alert with what you are doing in these situations though. Guarantees on products usually don’t come from those who do not specialize in what they are selling; if you don’t know with 100% certainty what you are looking at then this is when dealing with an expert would be better.

I want to know what deals you have already come across within these overlap industries.


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