A Little Less Soap Opera, A Little More Periodical

2 Apr

Numis enthusiasts trust, I am not knocking day time TV and reality TV shows, in fact I like some of them in doses but it is also very important to be up-to-date with local, state, regional, national and international news.  How closely you want to follow is up to however much time you can set aside for it while still maintaining your balanced life-style.  The news that you hear, read, watch and even make can all have effects in one way or another on the decisions you make in your business and personal lives.

News Example 1:  It is possible that during a given day, if world currencies are trading significantly higher against the United States dollar, then maybe the price of gold would increase or decrease in value (USD) accordingly due to the news and hint of consumer uncertainty that the news creates.

News Example 2:  It is also possible that the world’s leading supplier of energy source “A” is temporarily postponing it’s supply to the world and will start supplying again when it feels that the price is high enough because right now it is too low. There are international agreements among nations that are supposed to help avoid an incident like this but that does not mean that it cannot happen.

News Example 3:  Within seven trading days, the price of silver rises very quickly from below $40/ounce to just about $50/ounce. Morgan and Peace silver dollars rise up to $36-$38 for almost any condition while silver is trading for about $50/ounce. The price of silver then falls rapidly to down around $32. What do you think the price of Morgan and Peace type silver dollars will trend to consequently? Up or down? Does this sound familiar?

Staying informed, whether it helps your business or hobby to make smart decisions or not, is a continuing education of your mind that nobody can take away from you.  It is important to take news with a grain of salt and realize that bad reporting happens all the time and the news is an industry too (news channels have to make money to stay around) so stories can be spiced up sometimes in order to make help them sell.

Some good news sources that I like to keep up with are The Wall Street Journal, CNN News, CNBC and the BBC.  Please write me with your thoughts about keeping up to date with the news and how it effects decisions that you make.


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