Network of Niches

30 Mar

A Network of Niches within the numismatic community is what brings everyone together.  Knowing how everybody works together or doesn’t work together well is important.  General knowledge of each niche market within the numismatic industry is usually a good thing to have coupled with a specific area of focus for your own business; this draws a pretty traditional model for the average numismatic business.

Numismatic news is very important too.  What business or individual gets along with another is important information to have.  Why?  As the reader, you will have to put on your thinking caps to decipher the why; there can be many reasons though.  Who is a direct competitor? Who is an indirect competitor? Does dealer A get along professionally and/or personally with dealer B?  Who is a subsidiary business of another and who is a standalone business?  These facts can be important in negotiation of terms.

The following list mentions only a few of the many niches that are in the numismatic community.  Some niches can be grouped with others and some niches do well standing alone:

Bullion, Supplies, Books, Seated Liberty Coins, Jewelry, World Coins, Gold Coins, Standing Liberty Quarters, Coins of Ireland, Coins of the United States, Spanish Colonial, Grading and Authentication Services, Ancients, Software, Auction Houses, Mint Products, Carson City Coins, Numismatic Collectables

The network of niches can be discussed in further details amongst your friends and colleagues within the industry but this just skims the surface and can provide a head start for anyone who may be entering blindly.  Niches are found in any marketplace and the network does not establish itself, nor does it happen overnight.  Please feel free to comment how you wish.  Thanks for following!


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