How to Prepare for a Coin Show

11 Mar

What do you normally do before a coin show? Some people listen to Vivaldi in order to clear their mind on the drive or flight to the show; others stress about all of the business that they need to conduct in order to make their expenses and finance their high life. Here are a few things that always help me to prepare for a coin show.

  1. Write a checklist of things to take to the show.
  2. Have everything packed to take to the show at least 4 hours before leaving (procrastinators often find this difficult).
  3. Price your collector coins for sale before you get to the show.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the current spot prices of precious metals that you plan to buy or sell.
  5. Practice strategies for negotiation in front of a mirror; there are always terms to consider when buying or selling and thinking about this ahead of time will help you during the moments of professional compromise.
  6. If available, look at the dealer directory for the show and notice table locations that might be important for you within the room/rooms where you will be.

I guess that you could do some breathing exercises to hold you back from all of the excitement that is about to burst out of you from going to a coin show! But realistically, logically, the above mentioned six preparations should help get any collector or dealer ready for a coin show in a well-organized, yet basic manner. I’m only writing this because some numismatic enthusiasts just don’t know what simple approaches could assist them in having a good show.

I suggest taking some of the above measures and trying to put one or two to use in order to see how they might work for you.  Caveat lector, maybe they won’t work (they work for me). I would like to hear about how you prepare for a coin show; leave me a comment!


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