“Poor 1,” Just A Fad or Here to Stay?

4 Mar

Poor 1 is numerically the lowest grade of a coin that you can have where the coin is still identifiable; not only can that piece still be identifiable but more and more it is becoming highly collected. PCGS and NGC registry set collectors are interested more in these with every day.

More dealers are offering poor 1 graded and encapsulated coins for sale in their inventories and they are asking good money for some coins! More collectors are starting to ask for these poor 1 graded coins, PCGS or NGC, at trade shows and in coin shops.

Is a poor 1 worth more than a fair 2 even though it’s lower grade? In many cases, “yes” has proven to be the correct answer. For some coins a poor 1 might be worth more than a coin in fine or very fine, (now you just think I’m talking because I like to hear myself.) Seriously, I saw an 1876 Carson City Half Dollar (PCGS PO01) in a dealer’s case last week who wanted more than $200 for his coin; I thought he was crazy and thanked him for quoting me a price. In fine condition that coin is worth well under $100 to most people, but the market sets itself on these low grade coins; maybe $200 was worth it.

I think that the registry set popularity of poor 1 quality coins are here to stay. They are cheaper than “top pop” priced coins. Furthermore, in many cases they are just as hard to find, if not harder to find than “top pop” examples.

Poor 1 could be the collecting wave of the future, what do you think?


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