Groundwork for The Numismatic Enthusiast

12 Feb

My “Numismatic Enthusiast” blog will be a resource for coin dealers and coin collectors who want to learn more about the people, circumstances and markets that they encounter on a daily basis.  My intentions are to inform and give multiple perspectives on numismatic news and share situational experiences in business endeavors.

The primary country of focus will be the United States with eventual expansions into world markets as my followers and I gain experience in those markets.  Within the U.S. the primary focus of discussion will be coins; currency, medals and additional collectibles will be infrequent topics of conversation.

In the beginning, the following markets will be most commonly mentioned:  Carson City minted coins, better dated gold coins, generic gold coins, strange varieties, seated liberty coins and key date coins.

Some blogs will contain an analysis of credited thoughts from published numismatic experts and well-known industry leaders.  I will occasionally bring to light previously published coin news and also share with you some of the recommendations from other movers and shakers in numismatics who may be great resources for your network.

You will want to follow me, and others who I will provide links to, because everyone has different experiences within the industry. What we all share with each other will help numismatic enthusiasts be better informed. Some collectors and dealers will spend much of their time in host/regional coin shop/s, others at trade shows.  Some of you will keep your talents right at home on the internet conducting business or doing research. Multi-dimensional perspectives are almost always better than a one-dimensional viewpoint.

All blog content will be written with the committed goal of sparking thrill and conversation with others while helping dealers and collectors to think objectively before, during and after all of their endeavors.


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